The data-driven way to increase sales

Turn more visitors into paying customers

Are you wondering why you get traffic in your store and carts opening up, but sales aren’t closing?
These are times of fierce competition and changeable markets, and it’s time to level-up your game.

Know your business

Poor tracking may lead your business to poor results. To know your customers and how they behave on your store, you have to work on your data tracking.


No tool or eCommerce platform will provide all the technical heavy-lifting that your Marketing Analytics needs.


Rely on top professionals on-demand. Always available to provide the best Marketing Analytics solutions. 


Our team of data experts, developers and business people will help you track accurate data and use it ou your behalf.

Know your customers and increase conversions

This is how Data can help.

Take the next step with your e-commerce.

Trusted worldwide

Our Clients

“We’re really pleased with our ongoing partnership with Alex and the Wym Analytics team. They’re dedicated, professional, and focused on important details. Working with them has helped us grow our business and support our customers better.”
Brian Dolan
CEO of WorkReduce

We helped marketing agencies implement data-driven strategies for the clients above.

Take control of your business

Are you wondering why you get traffic in your store and carts opening up, but sales aren’t closing? Schedule a free consultation with our experts.

No commitment, no strings attached. We promise it will be helpful!


1. Audit

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Our Audit comes in hand to find where your Marketing Analytics stands.

2. Measurement Plan

This is a strategic moment where we analyze your business and define which metrics really matter.

3. Implementation

We’ll setup a document with all analytics solutions and tags needed. After that, we’ll implement everything and make sure the tracking works perfectly.

4. Reporting

Finally, we’ll provide the dashboards and reports to help you get actionable insights!

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