About Us

We are a marktech company

Our team is made by data experts, developers and business people. Wym Analytics combines business acumen, especially on online businesses, with profound tech expertise. This allows us to identify the key metrics to be followed for each company and implement the necessary technology to make the best use of them.

As a tech company, we can also provide further tech support such as web, software and apps development.


What do we do

Wym Analytics empowers marketing agencies with data by helping them set up a measurement system for their clients and build a stronger relationship based on data-driven decision making.

We work by the side of marketing agencies as their data and tech allies. Agencies can outsource the service to Wym Analytics and in return, have a “plug & play” solution where no additional work is required. 


What do we sell

Wym Analytics provides Measurement Plan + Tag Implementation Plan + Tag implementation using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics (and other tools if needed: Doubleclick Floodlights, facebook pixel…).

Wym Analytics can also provide other services based on GTM and GA, such us Tag Audit, Tools setup, Tags troubleshooting, tools, training and consultancy.



Meet The Team

Alessandro Russo

Founder & CEO

Digital Entrepreneur with 15 years+ In-Depth Enterprise experience in Software Engineering across multiple sectors, including Fashion, Telecommunication, Financial, Media, Fintech, SaaS, Cloud companies and Supply chains.

Antonio guadalupi

Growth and Strategy

Antonio Guadalupi comes from the corporate world, working for  Fortune 500 companies for many years where he has been in charge of marketing strategy and digital marketing.

In Wym Analytics he leads marketing and growth strategy.

Chiara Cogliati

Marketer & Developer

In the Digital Marketing field for 9 years, I take care of the marketing and communication actions for WYM Analytics. I choose the best Channels in order to connect our services with the people who need them, continuously sharing Insights and ideas to shape a business based on our customers’ needs.

 Dario Andreangeli


Designer with 10 years of experience inGraphic & Web Design, UX & UI Development, Art Direction and production of visual and web communication.
In WYM Analytics he leads graphic and web design, as you expect!


Our Mission

We want to help all companies to make decisions based on data

We foresee a world where businesses use data in their daily activity to help them choose between different options when decisions need to be made.

Trusted Worldwide


We helped marketing agencies implement data-driven strategies for the following clients

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Make decisions based on data: use it in your daily activity to help your clients choose between different options when decisions need to be made.