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Our analytics and marketing experts empower our clients by giving them a clear understanding of how to improve their marketing campaigns efficacy and boost their return on investment (ROI), thanks to a data-driven approach.

Getting trustful data insights can be challenging. It does require experience with metrics, business abilities and the technical skills to track data accurately… but it’s worth it!


The Audit is an analysis made by WYMA on the client’s website. We don’t need any kind of access as the audit can be performed on any website with a set of tools that will help identify us to identify your current analytics stack and how it’s implemented.

At the end, you’ll receive a document that summarizes the result of the audit, puts in evidence the issues identified and suggests actions to be taken.

Measurement Plan

A measurement plan is a document that translates top-line business objectives into metrics and dimensions you can measure on your website, app or platform. Together we’ll follow through the 3 steps to setup a effective measurement plan:

Implementation Plan

On this phase, we’ll setup a document with all analytics solutions and tags for you, how they can be used to track your key business metrics and instructions for your development team.

Tag Implementation

Implementation is the work of implementing tags and other analytics solutions into our clients analytics software such as Google Tag Manager, Segment and Google Analytics. This service is a follow up from the previous ones, and our team will make sure to track your key business metrics that were defined before.


After the implementation we deliver a report that contains the real metrics previously defined and collected with the analytics tools. We’ll also work on custom dashboard to make it easy for you and your team to visualize and understand your data and key business metrics with ease.

Our martech experts are ready to help you​. Talk to an advisor today and start benefiting from a specialized team that will help you regain control of your data.


How can you benefit from our services

We help our clients architect and implement an integrated marketing analytics strategy that answers their questions and enables them to:

how does it works

A simple, yet powerful and scalable workflow.

We work to ensure our clients establish the framework and processes necessary to successfully execute marketing data analytics within their data-rich environment.

Our work is aimed to:

Marketing Analytics Services

You're covered. From start to finish.

Here’s an overview of the web and marketing analytics services you can have access to when working with Wym Analytics:

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