Does your business generate Eye Candy or Income?

Your data will tell, even if you can’t!

Let Wym Analytics be your personal partner in demystifying the data behind your marketing efforts –BEFORE all the trial and error gambles.

All it takes is a few swipes on your favorite social media timeline to see ad after ad for eye catching graphics, videos, web design, webinars, online shopping cart platforms, and a whole mouth watering list of visual marketing aids. 

As a whole, humans are very visually stimulated, so emphasis and investment in visual marketing is a no brainer. And while these are definitely a valuable part of your online sales success, they aren’t the ONLY part

In fact, you could have the most top notch visuals and creative copy in your marketing campaigns, but if they aren’t performing and reaching your ideal audience, or the journey of closing sales in your online store has a few hiccups, or even worse… you have a great file of content and marketing material, but you simply don’t have the time to do your marketing efficiently, you could lose thousands (or much more) in unrefined, impulsive marketing efforts. We haven’t even addressed the amount of money left on the table through sales you missed out on! 

Unfortunately, this is often the case with many small to medium online product/service based businesses, and this is what we call Eye-Candy-Over-Income Marketing.

As the explosion of online entrepreneurs reaches an all time high with no signs of stopping, there’s been a steady demand for diverse and user friendly marketing options for service and product providers that aren’t super savvy in the world of tech and data analytics.

On top of that, many of these businesses are working with tight marketing budgets and may not have the resources to hire marketing experts to assist them in making sure they’re performing optimally and precisely for their unique needs and goals.

This creates a recipe for well intentioned -but often misguided- marketing tactics that LOOK good, but lack the information that gives them substance and effectivity. It creates a chaotic battle for attention in a flooded marketplace. It also creates an endless flow of stress and self doubt that has many amazing professionals questioning their value and worth in their industry.

Eye candy. Not income.

So how do you know if you’re stuck in the eye-candy-over-income marketing loop? Take a few minutes to reflect on the questions below (or book a consultation and let us help you find out!):

If you answered more “no” than “yes” responses… You might be an eye-candy marketing manager! But it’s all good, because Wym Analytics can help bring balance back to your business dynamic so you can perform and convert revenue to match the beauty of your branding.

When you have your data analytics running smoothly (or you have someone running it for you), there are a host of benefits beyond simply increased revenue, but more on that in a second.

So what if this part of your business seems to be running well? What if you have issues with client reengagement instead? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that it’s almost ALWAYS cheaper to reengage a prior customer (as long as they had a good experience) than it is to acquire a new one.

When you know how to properly use, explore, and understand your data, you can figure out if the breakdown is in client satisfaction, product problems, or something as simple as your follow-up campaign not being triggered properly.

What if you have none of the above issues, enjoy great client traffic and retention, but don’t know WHERE it’s coming from? It might seem ideal to have an organic supply of clients/customers, but if you can’t track where the success is coming from, you’re leaving it’s expansion and continuation to luck and chance.

Though some may argue that luck is a main ingredient in the recipe of success, it’s not the meat and potatoes. No… it’s more like the salt, pepper, and splash of white wine -a flavor that enhances an already robust dish!

Don’t leave out your main ingredients or you’ll have an empty stomach and pounding headache when the sun rises.

Saucy food analogies aside, hopefully you’re beginning to look at your current practices with a more well seasoned eye. (ok, ok, no more food puns!)

The point is this: if there are results you’ve been aiming for in your business success that seem to be elusive… and all the practical, branded, functional, and surface elements seem to be in place, you need to be looking deeper into your data and web analytics. If this is something you don’t enjoy, or don’t truly feel you understand, we’d love to help!

All you have to do is tap that “Schedule a Call” button below and we’ll see if our solutions would be a fit for your current goals.

As promised above, here are a few benefits and results our clients enjoy:

“We’re really pleased with our ongoing partnership with Alex and the Wym Analytics team. They’re dedicated, professional, and focused on important details. Working with them has helped us grow our business and support our customers better.”
Brian Dolan
CEO of WorkReduce

What can you expect on this call?

Our consultation call takes 60 minutes, and is done via Zoom video conferencing.
During this call, we’ll:

Briefly review the goals, vision, and key performance indicators currently in action in your business.

  • What’s working? What ISN’T working? What do you want your marketing to help you create?

Explore the issues with your current data tracking, measurements, reports, and integration practices.

  • Prior to our call, we’ll audit your website/online storefront to check for discrepancies in flow and function. We’ll share our assessments here.

Define clear action steps to resolve your data disasters and make your marketing work FOR you.

  • To every problem there is a solution! We’ll present a customized plan of implementation based on our audit and share our next suggested steps.

If we feel we’d be a good fit for each other, we’ll also explore ways Wym Analytics can support your success through a selection of high-end services designed to fit various needs and budgets.

  • If we feel we aren’t a good fit, we’ll happily share additional professional references and resources to help you with your needs.

Whether you’re the one handling your business’s web based marketing, or you’re providing marketing services to other businesses, the facts remain the same:

If you’re ready to taste new flavors of success and collaborative support (last food pun, I promise), we’d love to talk with you!

Why Wym Analytics?

Wym Analytics is a group of highly diverse, yet powerfully refined experts, with over 100 years of collective experience in marketing/web data collection, analysis, visualization, and utilization. This team has worked with many well known companies managing million dollar marketing projects that taught them not only the skills to make critical and educated decisions through their data analysis, but also to see every project as a million dollar project.

Trusted worldwide

We helped marketing agencies implement data-driven strategies for the following clients

We do business with relationship focused practices! Wym Analytics was intentionally founded on the goal of stepping out of the rushed, cold transactions that typically color modern business practices, and instead focuses on meeting and serving the people behind the business. As a result, we’ve created an atmosphere of genuine relationship building, customized and effective audits and action plans, and measurable results. 

Yes, you read that right.

It’s not unusual for in person client meetings to take place with food, wine, great conversation and connection BEFORE the business begins! With these core values in place, clients experience a long and oft forgotten sense of true partnership and understanding that is at the foundation of the most successful ventures.

We regularly contribute to select charities and global community projects to give back to the community and share the fruits of our success. Part of being location independent is that it allows you to create family wherever you go! You step out of the concrete boxes we call “offices” and get back into the real world. 

Sometimes you work on beaches, cafes, hotels, and even busses. Being so immersed in local communities (wherever you find yourself), you build strong bonds and see the true daily rhythm and opportunities to make positive change most others overlook in their rush to and fro.

We’ve been incredibly blessed with our company’s growth and success, and we couldn’t do it without the help and support of our friends, families, and communities (online and in person). In thanks and recognition of that, we pride ourselves on being able to give time, money, and resources to those we’ve been inspired by.

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