“If you torture the data enough it will confess”

Ronald Coase

We empower marketing agencies by helping them set up a measurement system for their clients and build a stronger relationship based on data-driven decision making.


Discover all the advantages
for your organisation

Gain Time and Expertise

We provide you with a “plug & play” solution where no additional work is required.
You will get an already configured analytics system along with guidelines on how to refine your procedures. You will be able to better understand the performance of your clients website by segmenting audience and content. 

Take faster and better decisions BASED ON DATA

We’ll analyse with you the goals and business challenges your clients are looking to meet with online marketing channels, we’ll define KPIs for each objective, set technical guidelines for their implementation, and create for you a measurement plan and a tag implementation strategy.

Increase your performance and your clients’ satisfaction

Move quickly towards a data-driven organization with the support of a tech company.
We’ll provide you with a ready-to-use solution that you can promptly resell without extra work. Build a stronger relationship with your clients based on data and increase your and their performance.


Unlock the Potential

Improve your client’s satisfaction

What we can do for your clients

We help businesses navigate into the complexity of data by identifying vital key metrics to stay focused on what matters for their profitability / them. We’ll translate them into a solid Measurement Plan, that will give an enormous amount of highly intelligent data and data insight.


What You and your Clients will Get

Understand better the performance of their website

Focus on key metrics that have a real impact on business growth

Spend budget wisely focusing on what improves performances

Unleash the power of website analytics to outpace the competition


We are a mark tech company

Our team is made by data experts, developers and business people. Wym Analytics combines business acumen, especially on online businesses, with profound tech expertise. This allows us to identify the key metrics to be followed for each company and implement the necessary technology to make the best use of them.
As a tech company, we can also provide further tech support such as web, software and apps development.


Choose A Plan That Works For You

We propose three fixed-price complete solutions,
basing on your starting level of the Digital Analytics implementation

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We helped marketing agencies implement data-driven strategies for the following clients


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Make decisions based on data: use it in your daily activity to help your clients choose between different options when decisions need to be made.